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I have moved   
09:02pm 18/10/2012
  Hey Everyone, Lina here. As you can all see, I don't really post here anymore, if anyone is out there.. Not sure whose left on Live Journal, if you would like to contact me, please do so on my Facebook. Thanks darling's!!

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11:21pm 12/12/2010
  Yes, it is true! I am posting something on live journal!!! Do you all miss me like I have missed you? Well your days of masterbation material are back, because I have arrived to tell you all HI!!!

What have all you been up to? I really want to know, and btw, if you are seeing this, NO, your eyes are not mistaken! I really am posting!!

Updates to come...
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08:16pm 28/09/2008
  U all asked and I will deliver, I have a My Space and yall better friggin add me!

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03:57pm 12/08/2008
  IF YOU HAVENT YOU SHOULD!!!! Before their time artists

Lene Lovich - Lucky Number

Noosha Fox- He's Got Magic
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11:38am 12/08/2008

Beautiful song and beautiful video
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05:00pm 11/08/2008
  Hello all! I have been gone for quite a long ass while, I know, but Im looking to re-locate soon with 0 dollars to my name. So anyway, doing good, staying single, and trusting myself and myself only. WOO HOO!  
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09:38pm 06/06/2008
  Hi everyone, I am sorry that I haven't updated in a while, I know that allot of you probably got worried. But everything is good actually. I live with my Aunt at the moment and everything here is allot better than it used to be. Debt will slowly be worked off, and me and Craig are doing OK.

Short and snappy sorry.
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06:53pm 08/05/2008

Well I am not completely out of the red, but I did get approved for the loan for my cell bill in the ammount of 975.01 and am not having that bill sent to collections after all!

So things are looking up.
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08:03pm 07/05/2008
  Hey everyone, I am doing OK, I am still moving my belongings out of my apartment. Now I am under a very strict financial regimen, and am looking at having my finances managed by someone other than me, and being allowed an allowance. But hey we learn our lesson the best when its from learning the hard way. Now I have to learn that anyone whom is a financial thorn in my ass does not belong in my life. But whatever, I'm growing.

The one thing I hate in life, is having to be in survival mode. It makes for some pretty unhappy people in my life. I had to tell my Mom that I wasn't going to be able to go see her on Mothers Day, and I forgot to tell my Sister Happy Birthday. All because I was so rapped up in digging myself out of the hole. Me and Craig are working on some things, and I have no idea what will come of it. I feel like we are in very uncertain times. But hey, most Americans are in such a difficult economy and everything has gone to hell because of it. But oh well moving on to better times, as I am looking at it.

Hope you all are doing well

Love, Lina
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05:12pm 30/04/2008
mood: accomplished
Today was the beginning of an end. I put in my notice to my boss at work. When I did, I saw something that happened between me and my boss that has never happened before. A connection.

"Why Lina? was it something someone did?"

In fact it wasn't anything that anyone at work did.

For as long as I remember I always looked for love. From my Father, from my sister and the rest of my entire family. Instead I was looked at as my Mothers child, the child of a pervert.

Up until recently I didn't work so hard for their acceptance. They could either accept me as I am or not, it was entirely their decision. But I would never not love them any less because of it. But they did in fact accept me becuse they knew what a good person I have become. Someone with hopes and plans. I will dream a dream for however long it takes and then make a plan. I'm taking my life and I'm going to do something with it. Write about it, cause I have nothing to hide. I have everything to live for. And to all of you whom made it into my life with your encouragement, with your advice, and with your heart. I will always love you all and forever be in debt to you.
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08:25pm 21/04/2008
  I now fucking owe almost 1000 dollars to my cell because all people want to do is fucking text all the fucking time. I am so tired of the bull shit and am finally losing it. Just like I fucking thought I would. It didnt even matter if I got a reasonable long distance plan that would ensure reasonabl rates to people in different states/countries. But no, all people still want to do is fucking text me all the fucking time.  
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11:53am 13/04/2008

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let u all know that the worst case scenario has finally happened.

I am not able to find a new job and I will be busy workng with the same pukes. Now it's gotten so bad that to maintain my sanity I will have to get a second and possibly third job to make sure I dont go into an irreversible amount of debt.

As it stands I am in 2000 dollars worth of debt and it is growing really quick. Instead of ranting about how awful everything is I am choosing to do something about it to make sure my health, a roof over my head and my safety are all in check.

so... I will maintain quite a brief period of absence from online activity.

If anyone would like to moderate my communities up until I am able to get things back on track. Please let me know and I will hand all my bigger communities over to you, until further notice.

Thanx everyone and love u all.

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12:36am 18/03/2008

Oh Rose! No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to ACT!! She should be nomintated for an oscar award for her role in the movie "Crap!"
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11:42pm 16/03/2008
  Work tomorrow..... I will proceed back to hell.... come home.... and continue on into an inability of stability... So shall it continue for weeks, or who knows, maybe forever.....  
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Oh Snap!!!   
11:47pm 09/03/2008

Goodbye my pass time friend! I get paid tomorrow and I have two packs of sweet dreams vanilla/french blend cigarettes left. They have become such a staple in the reason I wake up so early. But no more!!! God damn it Lina!!! I will miss these suckers, but I am no longer single and I no longer welcome taking years off of my life. The addiction will be replace by, son of a bitch!!!

I am not going to EVEN update about my progress, nor do I want anyone to ask me about my progress, because even talking about cigarettes sets me off.


Jesus fucking christ!!!

I will no longer listen to a good song with the smoggin rocket settin off! UGH!! Such an incredible addiction, even better than a gay friend with fashion tips!!

Virginia Madsen!! You bitch! I will not watch Candyman during this time period either!! You smoke and look beautiful you bitch!!

Monday-patches till Thursday when I will come off patches before attending my Sisters wedding until I come back sunday when I will have to apply another patch. You bitch!

10 minute brakes at work! NOPE!! YOU REMIND ME OF LIGHTING UP!! BITCH!!

I will miss you my darlings!! Until then, smoke up johnny!!! YOU ASS HAT BITCH!!!
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06:43pm 04/03/2008
mood: shocked
Why I want smaller lips!!

Because there's an uncanny resemblence!
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06:07pm 04/03/2008

Taken from strikexreverse, Thanx toots!

I love avantgarde films sooooo much! But now because of strikexreverse's post about the movie I REALLY want to see it. I will give you all the trailer, and if you ever hear about it's release to the masses! PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!

Gispert's "Smother"
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05:47pm 04/03/2008

God I wish Connie would revive her career, just as Johnny Cash did before his death. I really believe that she is one of the most influential presences on the Rock and Roll genre. If people didn't like her music for the twang then they would deffinitely love her tracks Fallin' or Eighteen. They were the songs that could make you feel sexy. As I have said before it was Connie Francis that really made me believe that music had no boundaries and could be translated into any language for the masses to share in. These days the masses share in tits and ass without the willingness to see the talent of a voice for how sorrowful, chipper or decadant it could really be.
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Trannies and Fatties!   
10:33pm 03/03/2008
mood: contagious

Someone came up to me and said god you're beau... and Im like Yeah whatevah!

and a bidly bung bung bidly bidly bung! pass the dutchie pon the left hand side!

And to far surpass my beauty?

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06:45pm 28/02/2008
mood: energetic
I get my hair done tomorrow YAY! this is the last time I an getting black and blue, I am going to semi permanent dye my hair blue and then get black and blue again. So I can grow out my blonde and then die it a pure turquoise YAY!

Maybe if I get the chance I will have our company secretary take a pic and then I will post it. MAYBE!
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