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Because, being condemned to hell by Christians is Fabulous!

^v^aselina, Bitch Blanket Bingo
21 July 1984
Sweets To The Sweet!

She's a Whistle Bait, She's the one for me!

Hello I am Vaselina, I have been on Live Journal for almost 10 years and refuse to switch over to myspace as a second
waste of time. I was born in Budingen Germany and have lived in California for about 19 years now, and have duel citizenship to both countries. I have worked in Massage therapy since 2003 and am currently a teacher for mentally disabled adults.

Chances are you have come accross me from one of my communities, or because you saw me bashing some asshole because he was anti-black or anti-gay, I'm not apologizing. It's two thousand fucking eight and people still seem to live in some fucking universe called "retard" If you have come to see some rants about a hatred of superficial shit, then turn around and fucking leave.

To all others, I am glad to see you stopped by and hope to make new friends, read new points of view and learn some insight to more peoples life stories. I'm a really good person with a love for the macabre, horror movies, vintage Hollywood, photography, art and music.

Currently I teach, am a massage therapist and a criminal law specialist. In my free time I write screen plays. I really hope to get more involved in screen, music and production. You may have seen some of my horror movie reviews old/new on Zombie Central (no longer running) and probably laughed so hard you shit your frilly panties. I have a tendency to do that with allot of the things I write, but hey! I Don't feel the need to be involved in depression or drama. I'm here for a protest, and I am here for a statement, which all show in my daily rants and life in general.

My intention is not to offend you personally, If I do, don't know how I could, but feel free to argue with me.

Let me know if you would like to add me to your friends list. Depending on the situation, most likely, I will add you back.

XOXO Vaselina

If you're looking for some posts of a gothic personal story on pain and agony, then you came to the wrong place. I do not think deeply about life and refuse to dwell upon something that can always be fixed. Humans don't bother me, nor do internet humans. At the end of the day, people are nothing but a bunch of cells, molecules and atoms to me.

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